Encinitas plants oak trees to help fight pollution

Trees are part of broader Climate Action Plan
Posted at 7:56 AM, Jul 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-27 10:56:01-04

ENCINITAS (KGTV): The City of Encinitas is going green to help fight pollution.

This month, city workers planted 36 new oak trees along Saxony Road. The hope is that the trees natural photosynthesis cycle will reduce greenhouse gases in the city by removing carbon dioxide from the air and replacing it with oxygen.

It's part of the city's broader Climate Action Plan, which includes other measures like reducing energy use in public buildings, encouraging recycling, promoting public transportation, reducing citywide water consumption and other measures.

The tree planting is a way to increase the urban canopy.

People who live and work along Saxony say it's a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

"It’ll remind me of driving up to the central coast, where all the oak trees are on the hillsides," says Cathy Cosgrove, who owns a nursery on Saxony.  "I think it makes life more pleasant and beautiful."

The trees are just saplings now but are expected to grow several feet each year until they mature.

The city plans to plant 150 trees by 2020, and 650 by 2030.

The hope is to get greenhouse gases in Encinitas to 13% below 2012 levels by 2020, and 41% below 2012 levels by 2030.

You can see the full Climate Action Plan here. The city also has a websiteto track its progress.