EMTs: Ambulance company took our money

Posted at 8:42 PM, Apr 27, 2016

Former employers of an East County ambulance company want to know what happened to their paychecks.

Chris, who declined to use his last name, worked for ER Ambulance for two years.

“It was pretty busy. I’d work more during the summer,” the college student told Team 10.

It was a busy job, but one Chris enjoyed.

“I really just wanted to see what it was like, found it a lot of fun to work with people and care for them,” Chris said.

He enjoyed his job until last summer.

“It went to half staff after they had some issues and eventually they said everything was canceled and the company disappeared overnight,” Chris said.

Chris said his paychecks disappeared along with the company. He told Team 10 he is owed about $1,500 in wages.

Chris and other employees took their cases to the Labor Commissioner’s Office.  With fines and fees, he says ER Ambulance and the owner, Rafael Silva, owe him about $7,500.

“That’s a year tuition,” Chris said.

Team 10 found court records showing the company owes thousands of dollars to others as well. Team 10 visited the building where ER Ambulance operated from on Johnson Avenue. The company is no longer there. Chris said it went out of business.

The current occupants said they have been there for several months. A phone number listed for Silva was also disconnected.

“I’d probably ask him what his thinking is on not paying his employees. We know he had the money,” Chris said.

Chris said Silva sold an entire fleet of ambulances.

He added, Silva has not appeared to any of the court hearings.