California disputed ballot boxes removed, arguing continues

California GOP says it owns unofficial ballot drop boxes found in multiple counties
Posted at 9:26 PM, Oct 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-18 00:26:23-04

(AP) — California officials say the state Republican Party has yanked unofficial drop boxes that came under fire last weekend, but declined to weigh in on whether the GOP’s continued use of boxes to collect votes was legal.

The state says it is issuing a subpoena to seek more information about the boxes during the election.

Republicans say they have been following the law and corrected a mislabeled box as soon as they learned of the problem. They say they will continue to use boxes to collect ballots and the state's actions have sought to intimidate their supporters.


The back-and-forth comes after a weeklong controversy over ballot collection as votes are already pouring into county offices.