Drive to visit family ends in flying bullets, inches from driver's wife's head

Posted at 7:50 PM, Aug 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-09 22:50:52-04

A Nevada man visiting his family says a drive in El Cajon quickly turned into a scary road rage scene from the movies.

Dick Callahan and his wife were driving their Jeep Wrangler on Magnolia Avenue early Monday evening, when Callahan says he inadvertently cut off a truck speeding up to make a left turn.

“I was stuck in the middle of the intersection, and I didn't see him. When it got into my turn, he was right there at my side,” said Callahan.

A short distance away, Callahan says the truck raced from behind him

“He turned around all the cars and came out right in front of me and cut me off,” said Callahan.

Callahan says he decided to back off and give the truck space in front of him.

A few minutes later, Callahan tried to make a right turn onto Winter Gardens Blvd.

“As soon as I turned right, he went from the center lane and fell right into my lane and got right behind me,” said Callahan.

Callahan says the truck then came right alongside him.

“He threw up his hands and I threw up my hands. I didn’t make any obscene gesture and neither did he,” said Callahan.

Moments later, he heard a loud noise and his back window shattered.

“It was a loud noise. It sounded like a huge explosion. We were really shaken up,” said Callahan.

When they pulled over, Callahan - who has worked at a gun range -  saw two holes.

“There was a hole about the size of a 9mm and the hole above it was same the size,” said Callahan.

The holes vanished when the glass fell away.      

He's still searching for bullets in the back seats, but he doesn't need to find them to know how this case of road rage could have turned out.

“One foot from my wife's head, from where the bullet went through the window. I have tinted windows, there could be youngster, a grandkid in the backseat. You wouldn’t think road frustration would want to make you kill somebody. It’s insane,” said Callahan.

The gunman was described as a white man, 25 to 33 years old, wearing a blue or black baseball cap with a blue and black band around it. He was driving a white, late-model pickup, possibly a Chevy.

If you have any information call the California Highway Patrol in El Cajon.