Donkey basketball fundraiser raising concern

Posted at 7:32 PM, Feb 01, 2018

LAKESIDE, Calif. -- A local animal rights group is threatening to protest if a high school doesn't cancel plans for a "donkey basketball" fundraiser.

El Capital High School is planning to host a donkey basketball fundraiser hosted by the Future Farmers of America.

Seen in a video from 2014, Wisconsin players ride on donkeys while playing basketball.

When the Animal Protection and Rescue League heard about the game scheduled for February 28, they knew they had to act.

“Our hope is that we don't have to file a lawsuit to prevent this from going on, it’s always our number one goal for people to come to compassion on their own,” said Executive Director for the Animal Protection and Rescue League Brook Haggarty.

Staci Greene rescues donkeys. While she can’t speak directly about the donkeys that will be used in the game, she says claims of abuse are likely overblown.

“A dozen donkeys have a wonderful home, someone is doing their feet, giving them their injections, that is somebody’s bread and butter, that means they are getting cared for,” said Greene.

The Grossmont Union High School District defended the event. A statement from the company that owns the donkeys says the animal’s treatment is of the “utmost concern.”

The company went on to say that “animal rights groups are a small, misinformed segment of society and should not be allowed to deprive the rest of the community for this fun event.”

At the very least, Greene hopes the whole debate will raise awareness for adopting donkeys. “They're just unbelievable, unbelievable animals.”