La Mesa woman reunited with good samaritan

Man saved her during vicious Pit Bull attack
Posted at 9:52 PM, Oct 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-15 02:35:17-04

A La Mesa woman is trying to find the Good Samaritan who rescued her and her dog from the jaws of a vicious pit bull.

From a big gash and staple on her dog’s head to the bandages of her arm and shoulder, the painful reminders are hard to miss for Anne Scarvie.

“I was in such survival mode,” said Scarvie.

it started as an ordinary Wednesday afternoon walk with her 9-year-old dog Sebastian, near Scarvie's home on Amaya drive.

“All of a sudden - from 50 feet away - I see a dog coming toward us.  It’s very angry, and I’ve never seen a dog run so fast,” said Scarvie.

Moments later, the pit bull was on the attack.

“I scooped up Sebastian.  He bites Sebastian on the leg and jumping up trying to get at him. The dog is attached to us.  I run into the street.  The dog is on us.  I fall down in the street,” said Scarvie.

The pit bull was waiting for them, and biting her dog repeatedly. 

“It was complete and total panic.  I didn't know what to do,” said Scarvie.

As Scarvie tried to fight off the pit bull, she suddenly realizes when the dog is off of them.

A man driving past in a black sedan stopped when he saw the attack, diving into the fray and pulling the pit bull off of Scarvie and her dog. Soon after, more neighbors came to help. 

“He had a large bloody scrape on his forearm.  I just think what he did was so courageous and heroic,” said Scarvie.

She thanked the stranger, but left to get Sebastian to the vet. The Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix suffered five bites. One of those bites was a nearly fatal wound to the neck. 

La Mesa Animal Control took the Pit Bull after the attack. 10news reached out to them to find out if the owner was located, but have yet to hear back.

Now, Scarvie is going public to track down her hero - the man in his 50s who pulled the pit bull off of her. She's posted more details about the attack on pages like the East County Emergency Updates Facebook page in order to find him. 

“I've never been so grateful to anyone in my life.  If that man had not stopped, I would have been hit by a car and my dog would definitely be dead,” said Scarvie.

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