District Attorney's Office won't file charges against doctor accused of sexual misconduct

Posted at 6:40 PM, Oct 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-06 21:40:40-04

SAN MARCOS, Calif. - Some former patients of a suspended North County doctor are sounding off after a decision by the San Diego County District Attorney's Office not to file charges against him.

In April, woman after woman came forward with claims that Dr. Manuel Tanguma had behaved inappropriately while conducting exams.

At least 13 women have filed some sort of complaint against him, and some have complained to the state's Medical Board. Most of them have recently filed lawsuits alleging sexual battery and other accusations.

"I'm just so furious. I don't get how evidence like this is ignored," said Michelle.

A frustrated Michelle spoke out after 10News confirmed with the district attorney's office that charges would not be filed.

Earlier this year, she first described freezing up during an exam at a Graybill Medical Group office in San Marcos after Tanguma kissed her, and then she said, "He unzipped his trousers, pulled it out, and asked me to touch it."

Other women also came forward with claims of groping, sex acts and lewd talk during exams.

Some of the women told 10News that Tanguma exposed himself while typing away, asking about medication.

The state medical board investigated, and Tanguma's license was suspended, pending his final April hearing.

However, Tanguma won't be facing criminal charges because a district attorney's office spokesperson pointed to the standard of reasonable doubt.

"I just feel sad and angry that the DA's office is not doing their job and do the right thing. I just feel like he just got away with whatever he wants to do," said Michelle.

Jessica Pride, the attorney representing 10 of the women, said the evidence is solid. She is calling on prosecutors to reconsider.

"At the very minimum, indecent exposure. Numerous clients have said he exposed himself. All of my clients gave testimony. They feel like this is a miscarriage of justice, that they've been victimized twice," said Pride.

"I feel like he's wired to keep doing what he's doing. And now, there's no reason for him not to. There is no justice," said Michelle.

Bob Frank, Tanguma's lawyer, called the DA's decision the right one.

"We are pleased that after a thorough investigation no charges will be filed against Dr. Tanguma. There is justice in that decision," said Frank.