Developments in Hurricane Irma

Posted at 2:29 PM, Sep 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-09 09:23:01-04

This story provides breaking developments in Hurricane Irma with contributions from CNN and Associated Press. For the path of the storm, click HERE.

Irma expected Sunday: The National Hurricane Center says the eye of Hurricane Irma is expected to hit southwest Florida and Tampa sometime Sunday, though cautioned that the entire state will feel the Irma's effects.

Irma weakens: Hurricane Irma weakened to a Category 4 storm overnight, but sustained winds of 130 mph. Forecasters expect the storm to pick up strength once again up as it moves away from Cuba.

Irma strengthens - Hurricane Irma regained Category 5 status late Friday as the core of the storm made landfall in Cuba., according to the US National Hurricane Center said. 

Mass evacuation: Florida has asked 5.6 million people to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma, or more than one-quarter of the state's population, according to state emergency officials.

Officials say don't be fooled: The National Hurricane Center is warning Floridians that even if the storm seems to moving away from the East Coast in the latest tracks, don't get complacent.

"This is a storm that will kill you if you don't get out of the way," said National Hurricane Center meteorologist and spokesman Dennis Feltgen.

Generous gift: The Qualcomm Foundation announced a $1 million donation for long-term hurricane recovery in the Atlantic. The money was given to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy.

Hurricane apps: Zello Walkie Talkie and Gas Buddy are the top two free apps in Apple's App Store Friday. Zello turns any phone into a walkie talkie. The company warned users on twitter that it can drain battery power and requires internet service, for anyone relying on the app during Hurricane Irma.

Guard deploys: More than 130 California National Guard airmen are heading to Florida to provide disaster relief for the state as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgina Islands before Hurricane Irma hits. Rescue and support efforts will be provided by California's 146th Airlift Wing and 129th Rescue Wing.

Unfortunate playlist: The Atlanta Braves are apologizing for playing the song "Rock You Like a Hurricane" during its Thursday game against the Miami Marlins. Twitter users complained the decision was insensitive. The Braves said the song is on its home playlist.


Street closures: The state of Florida will be working with Google to indicate which streets are closed on Google Maps.

Evacuations: The mayor of Cape Coral, FL, ordered 25,000 residents to evacuate Friday afternoon. The city is on the gulf coast, south of Tampa.

NFL relocation: Miami Dolphins players and their families are traveling to Los Angeles to prepare for their game against the Chargers.

The team was supposed to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. The game was postponed until week 11 of the football season.


Parks closed: Disney World and Universal Studios are closing parks through Monday.  Both companies hope to reopen on Tuesday.