Dana Point tree-trimming crew finds three-story tree house in park

(KGTV) - A Dana Point, Calif., tree-trimming crew happened upon a three-level tree house this week, complete with carpet, views of the ocean, and an aquarium stocked with goldfish.

The crew happened upon the structure Wednesday morning in Lantern Bay Park.

Orange County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Rich Himmel told the Orange County Register that the "tree house" appeared in good condition and had three rooms.

“The tree house was right in the middle of it — well-hidden and about 10 feet off the ground. This thing had three rooms. One room was carpeted with indoor/outdoor carpet. Another one had an aquarium with goldfish in it," Sgt. Himmel told the Register.

However, it's illegal and the person responsible could face charges.

“We are investigating this. It’s a crime of vandalism. Someone has to be held accountable," Sgt. Himmel added.

The crew dismantled the tree house and the goldfish were taken to a local animal shelter.

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