Crews pry car door open to wake passed out Spring Valley driver

Posted at 6:53 AM, Jun 06, 2018

SPRING VALLEY, Calif. (KGTV) - Crews were forced to pry open a car door in order to wake up a driver passed out behind the wheel in Spring Valley.

A Good Samaritan first noticed the driver, later identified as 24-year-old Joshua Hermann, slumped over at Bancroft Dr. near Interstate 94. The driver's vehicle was still in park, so the Samaritan placed sandbags behind the vehicle's back wheels to prevent it from rolling into the intersection.

California Highway Patrol officers arrived and began trying to wake the driver, tapping flashlights and banging on the door. Nothing worked though.

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Heartland Fire-Rescue crews were called to the scene to jimmy the passenger-side door open, allowing officers to go in and wake the driver.

Visibly dazed and confused, the driver woke up and was pulled from the vehicle. Officer discovered an open alcohol container in the vehicle.

The driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and DUI probation violation.