Convicted killer Betty Broderick sends card from prison to 10News

Says "good ole boys club" sticking it to her
Posted at 6:15 PM, Feb 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-02 21:15:02-05

Convicted killer Elizabeth “Betty” Broderick has sent a card to 10News in response to a request for an in-prison interview at the California Women’s facility at Corona.

The card opens with: "Is it any wonder I've been screaming, "Gang Rape", by the Good Ole Boys Club since the 1980's!!"

She writes about how these high powered lawyers wanted to "really stick it to Betty Broderick" during her two trials for the murders of her ex-husband, Dan, and his second wife, Linda. Dan Broderick was a very successful medical malpractice attorney in San Diego when killed in 1989.

And she refers to her parole hearings: "They're still doing it, and will never stop"

Betty Broderick has been up for parole twice and has been denied both times.

Bob Vaage was a law partner with Dan Broderick before his death.

"This letter, the note to you, doesn't demonstrate any remorse; it suggests once again that she's a victim of the system and somehow she's a victim because she murdered two people in cold blood while they were sleeping."

Deputy district attorney Richard Sachs argued against the parole on behalf of the people.

"Victims have the right to be heard and if they're too distraught, it's too difficult to be there, they can have an attorney there for them to make a statement. That's what happened here; she's taking that and twisting it around into 'I'm being persecuted' and it's why she's getting long parole denials; she just doesn't get it."

It was a bitter divorce; the former La Jolla socialite once drove her s-u-v into the front of Dan and Linda's home in Marston Hills; later sneaking in before dawn one November morning and emptying a 5-shot revolver into the couple.

Vaage considers Betty Broderick to still be a danger to the community and to her children. 

"The children are the true victims and this note makes no reference to that; how she destroyed their lives. At the end of the day, it's all about her."