City of Santee unanimously approves resolution to support gun show in Del Mar

Posted at 11:31 PM, Sep 05, 2018

SANTEE, Calif., (KGTV)—Santee City Council voted unanimously to support the continuation of the "Crossroads of the West Gun Show" at the San Diego County Fairgrounds in Del Mar.  

The Resolution was brought on by Santee City Councilman, Brian Jones. 

“Several constituents of mine, here in Santee, were concerned about the Crossroads of the West gun show in the Del Mar Fairgrounds,” Jones said. “So I wrote a letter in support of the Agricultural Board, maintain their relationship with the gun show.”

The traveling gun show is back in the news, as the deadline for the Agricultural Fair Board to decide whether to continue their contracts with Crossroads approaches. In March, the city of Del Mar adopted a Resolution, banning all sales and possession of military-style firearms within city limits. 

“Our community thinks they’re not compatible here, so we’re not in support of it,” Del Mar mayor, Dwight Worden said. “Dog shows, cat shots, boat shows, whatever else they want, but please, no gun shows.”

However, that law is not applicable within fairgrounds property, because it is owned by the State of California. This is why Councilman Jones wrote the Resolution in support of keeping the gun show in Del Mar. Wednesday, it passed Santee City Council five to zero.

 “I think it’s important for those constituents, that use the fairgrounds, that their tax dollars pay for, have a voice in this particular issue,” Jones said. 

This is the same city where in 2001, a student at Santana High School killed two and injured 13 in a school shooting spree. Councilman Jones said he acknowledges the tragedy. He also said, that was the result of a young gunman, breaking several gun laws, and that his law-abiding constituents are different. 

Mayor Dwight Worden understands that not having the gun show in Del Mar will not eradicate gun violence. But he said the gun show has a deeper connotation when it is closer to home. 

“Perhaps, it’s easy to say, ‘Great. We’re all for guns, way on the other side of the county.’ It’s another thing to say, ‘I’m willing to bring those guns, and gun people, and ammo and accessories into my community.’ And I think that’s a fair question to ask Santee. If they really believe in what they’re saying, are they willing to take the gun shows over there?” Worden said. 

Councilman Jones told 10News, he has asked officials at Crossroads of the West, if they would consider Santee as a show location. However, he said he was told Santee does not has a facility large enough to host the show. 

The Agricultural Fair Board has until Tuesday to decide their future contracts with Crossroads of the West.