City crews looking out for dangerous trees

Posted at 6:52 PM, Feb 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-02 21:52:57-05

Maintenance crews were working around the city of San Diego Tuesday still removing debris from the weekend storm.

Old Trolley Barn Park in University Heights was already seeing the return of parents and kids to enjoy the sunshine, but many were wary of any residual dangers like cracked branches or unstable trees.

Lindsey Madrid said, "[We] picked the park, looked around; everything seems safe. Not under any trees that have damage, staying away from the area that looks a little dangerous."

Jeremy Dorris, who was with his two young children, added, "We stayed away from yellow tape; saw workers' trucks here, too. We made sure to stay away from those and went to where other parents were; it's safe near the playground."

Tree trimmers will be returning to areas where trouble still lurks, such as a large hanging branch.

Arborist Johnny Sevier told 10News that he sees one species as easily being the most dangerous.

"Amongst all the trees in San Diego County, the eucalyptus is definitely the bad actor," said Sevier.

They have shallow roots and are top-heavy; many went down on Sunday and Monday. Sevier would like to see them greatly thinned out.

"They need to be removed from heavily traveled areas; areas where people are because these trees have been falling over, every time it rains," he told 10News.

Meanwhile, San Diegans are advised to always be aware of the surroundings.

Aleli Camacho, who was walking with her 15-month old son, said, "We always go on morning or afternoon strolls. I avoided them yesterday because of this. Things are out of your control and because of that, I just stayed indoors."