Chula Vista school warns parents to stay vigilant after rape incident near campus

Posted at 6:48 PM, Apr 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-23 21:48:27-04

CHULA VISTA, Calif., (KGTV)- It has been one week since the brutal attack and rape of a young woman at Otay Park. But Chula Vista Police say their investigation is far from over. Now nearby schools are reminding parents to stay vigilant. 

Chula Vista Police said last Monday, a woman in her 20’s was exercising on the stairs at Otay Park. 

But on her way down, someone pushed her from behind, knocking her unconscious.

The perpetrator then raped her, stole her things, and ran.

When she woke up, she managed to flag someone down at the park, who then called 9-1-1.

It has been seven days into the investigation. But the Chula Vista police department says the perpetrator is still at large. 

Detectives are now reviewing and enhancing several pieces of video evidence.

They are also waiting to get the results of the victim’s rape kit. 

Last week, Otay Elementary School Pirincipal, Monica Castillo sent a letter to parents addressing the recent crime that happened next to school property.
10News obtained a copy of the letter today.

It gives a guideline on how to address personal safety to their kids — saying no to strangers, using the buddy system, and speaking up.

Some parents said their children were also told to stay away from Northeast corner of the school yard — the area nearest the stairs. 

Principal Castillo now also prohibits parents from picking up their unattended kids at the park.

Otay Elementary parent, Ime Gomez said, while she does let her children play at the park after school, she never leaves them unattended. 

“She said to see the kids in the park after school,” Gomez said. “I’m worried for my kids.”

But this crime took place, more than five hours after school ended. It was dark. 

Many like Gomez are hoping this incident forces the City to implement new public safety measures.

“The park should have lamps in the back. Only right there,” Gomez pointed at the existing light fixtures. “They need to put more lights inboxed the park because it’s too dark.“

Chula Vista Police detectives said they are tirelessly working with the little information they are to sole the case.

They welcome new tips and information at their anonymous tip line—  (619) 422-TIPS.