Chula Vista mom says man tried to lure boys into SUV

Posted at 4:27 PM, Oct 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-17 21:40:11-04

CHULA VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) — A Chula Vista neighborhood is on alert after an encounter between three young boys and two men in an SUV.

Aydyn Mays, 8, and his brother Jaycob, 7, were skateboarding with a friend along Glendora Drive Tuesday afternoon when they say a dark-colored SUV drove up with two men inside.

"They were about 30 years of age and one was wearing a bright safety vest," said Wendy Mays, the boys' mother.

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Aydyn says the men asked them if they wanted an extra skateboard.

"They said, 'I have the same skateboard, but way much faster...Just get in the car, and I can take you to my house and I can show you the skateboard," said Aydyn.

Aydyn says the men asked each of the boys and all said "No," but the men kept asking and insisting.

"It seemed like they wanted me to go inside the car," said Aydyn.

"They were trying to lie to us and steal us. I was scared," said Jaycob.

Eventually, the boys ran off and straight to their homes and their moms.

"The boys came running into the home ... and said, 'Somebody tried to kidnap us!'" said Wendy Mays.

Mays says soon after, the mom of the other boy was at her door.

"It was terrifying. Just made my heart fall into the pit of my stomach," said Mays.

The boys' stories matched. Police were called, leading to a search, but the SUV was not found.

"I'm very proud of the boys getting away and coming to us. It's frightening that these men are out there," said Mays.

If you have any information on the case, you're asked to call Chula Vista Police at 619-422-TIPS (8477).