CA GOP candidates make final pushes for party endorsement

Posted at 6:47 PM, May 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-11 19:33:24-04

San Diego (KGTV)- It’s crunch time for California Republican candidates, wanting the official endorsement from their party. Their last minute pitches and speeches are happening this weekend at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina. 

Republican candidates, staff, and volunteers say they are ready to shake things up in Sacramento. 

“I will be the loyal opposition to the wayward liberals of the Legislature,” Lt. Governor candidate, Cole Harris said, at the candidate forum. 

“Jerry Brown has certainly left a mark in our state over the years,” Judge Steven Bailey said. The State Attorney General said Brown has not been the leader they had hoped for.

"We've had eight years of Jerry Brown,” Gubernatorial candidate, John Cox said. “Poverty has soared, the cost of living has soared, taxes have soared, so we're excited for the chance to change all of that."

Republican Gubernatorial  candidates, John Cox of Rancho Santa Fe, and Travis Allen of Huntington Beach have until Sunday to pitch to the nearly 1,000 member GOP delegation in San Diego this weekend, to get the prized official party endorsement.

They only get that if they win 60% of the votes cast at the convention tomorrow. 

With the endorsement, both men say the will be ready to fight head-on against Democratic frontrunner, Gavin Newsom. 

And if elected as Governor, both promised to rid both the controversial Gas tax increase the State's Sanctuary law. 

"These are the issues that affect every single Californian, regardless of political party,” Gubernatorial candidate, Travis Allen said. 

Allen said he has supported President Trump from the beginning.  While Cox did not vote for Trump in 2016, he eventually pledged his support of the President. Both men say Trump's business-oriented approach to leadership is what will save California from what they call Democratic destruction.
“We have a brand new president in the white house, he cut taxes and created over $8 trillion of wealth around the nation. This puts more money on peoples tables,” Allen said. 

"We've got this glorious weather, but our political management is just horrendous. I think people are desperate for a change,” Cox said.

Party endorsements will be announced after the delegation casts their votes tomorrow.