Man arrested for mid-air bomb threat blames criminal past on stripper

Posted at 1:16 PM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 17:07:16-05

DENVER — A man who government officials said wrote a note claiming there was a bomb aboard a mid-air United flight from San Diego was arrested by the FBI. 

Cameron Elvan Korth, 20, a landscaper from the Salt Lake City area faces a single charge of "maliciously conveying false information" after boarding United flight 231 at Lindbergh Field destined for Denver Monday night where heleft a note in the plane's restroom that read "THERE IS BOMBS ON 231 DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LAND." 

Initially filed under seal, charges were finally released and obtained by our sister station KMGH-TV in Denver on Wednesday. According to a criminal complaint, Korth originally provided the FBI with a written statement that read: "I won't say I wrote the threat, but I won't say I didn't."

After an agent pointed out the similarities in handwriting between the bomb threat and the written statement, Korth admitted he wrote the threat in his seat, took it to the lavatory and left it in the toilet seat cover dispenser. Later, he pointed the note out to flight staff.

Also during the FBI interview, Korth stated he had an extensive criminal history stemming from his relationship and drug use with a stripper. 

11. During the interview, KORTH advised he had a number of medical issues for which he was taking prescribed medications. He further advised the following: (1) he had a significant criminal history that resulted from him dating a using drugs with a "stripper;" (2) his father was in prison for embezzlement; and, (3) with his job doing landscape work and snow removal, he was helping to support his mother, sister, and brother." 

When asked why he wrote the bomb threat, Korth said he was trying to get help for his problems. 

Sandy Coronilla is a digital producer with KGTV 10News. Follow her @10NewsSandy