Belmont Park's Beach Blaster gets approval to reopen

Belmont Park's Beach Blaster gets okay to reopen
Posted at 4:52 PM, Aug 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-01 19:53:04-04

MISSION BAY, Calif. (KGTV) - Belmont Park's Beach Blaster ride has been given approval to reopen, following a fatal ride accident in Ohio that prompted its closure.

Cal/OSHA approved the reopening in addition to three other California rides after owners successfully completed tests to ensure their safety. The rides were closed after one of the manufacturer's rides - the Fire Ball - broke apart at the Ohio State Fair last month, killing one and injuring several others.

Belmont Park said they have yet to reopen the ride officially.

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"The Revolution type rides are similar to but designed differently than the ride that malfunctioned in Ohio," Cal/OSHA said in a release. "Non-destructive" testing methods were used to okay the rides. "Non-destructive test procedures use magnetic fields or ultrasonic waves to detect and reveal details of the ride’s inner-structure without dismantling."

The rides were voluntarily shut down to ensure the similarly designed thrill rides would not pose a threat to riders in other parts of the country.

San Diegans spoke with 10News report Laura Acevedo, saying they understood the decision to close the local attraction.

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"It's better safe than sorry because I'm sure the families of those kids that were riding that ride are sorry now," said Lisa Schirmer of San Diego.

"It makes sense, you want to make sure people are safe and everything, but I just hope it's not shut down for long because I trust this one," said Mallory Smith. Smith told 10News she's been on the ride dozens of times.

The July 26 accident killed 18-year-old Tyler Jarrell, of Columbus, and injured several other passengers. Video from bystanders showed the ride rip apart as it swung and send passengers flying from the structure. 

Ohio Gov. John Kasich shut down all rides following the accident and ordered them to be inspected.

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