Belmont Park's Beach Blaster back in business

Posted at 4:39 PM, Aug 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-03 19:46:28-04

MISSION BAY, Calif. (KGTV) - A famed attraction in Belmont Park is back in business.

The park's Beach Blaster ride was officially reopened Thursday, according to park officials. The ride had been cleared to run earlier in the week by Cal/OSHA, though officials did not immediately reopen the attraction.

Cal/OSHA approved the ride's reopening in addition to three other California rides after tests were conducted to ensure safe operation. 

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The Beach Blaster and three other rides were voluntarily closed after one of the manufacturer's rides - the Fire Ball - broke apart at the Ohio State Fair last month, killing one rider and injuring several others.

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"The Revolution type rides are similar to but designed differently than the ride that malfunctioned in Ohio," Cal/OSHA said in a release.

"Non-destructive" testing methods were used to okay the rides.

"Non-destructive test procedures use magnetic fields or ultrasonic waves to detect and reveal details of the ride’s inner-structure without dismantling," the organization added.

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