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Gear up: Useful back to school gadgets for teens

Posted at 2:08 PM, Aug 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-04 17:08:32-04

(KGTV) — Back to school season brings its share of necessities for parents to consider purchasing for their teens.

School supplies of every sort, clothes, makeup and deodorant. You know, teenager stuff.

There are plenty of things that teens will need to kick the school year off right. But there are also some gadgets that are just too cool to pass up — and can help teens stay organized at school.

Here are some cool gadgets that will help them ease through each day:

Wearable braided headphones (Amazon, $24.99)

These headphones wrap up into a fashionable, braided bracelet, solving the issue of tangled headphones and making it easy to stow headphones once class starts.

Lightning port-USB thumb drive (Amazon, $59,81)

Teens will likely be on their phones most of the school year — let's admit that now — so to keep things tidy, a lightning port-USB drive will help. It can give teens the extra space on their phone needed for lesson notes.

Surge protector outlet disc (Amazon, $33.99)

When it comes to electronics, teens have a lot. Especially when a study session is in play and everyone seems to need an outlet. This 6-outlet charging station with two USB ports can take care of those charge-up woes instantly.

Wave smart notebook (Amazon, $22.96)

Rocketbook has solved one of the age-old school problems, running out of note taking room. Their Wave smart notebook takes care of that by allowing users to convert pages of notes into PDF files. Then to clear the pages, just toss the notebook into the microwave and the notes magically disappear.

Tile key finder (Amazon, $24.97)

Does your teen seem to lose everything? Many do. That why a Tile card can be so helpful. Keep track of keys, backpacks, music class instruments, whatever! Tile squares will help you track your items down (within a certain range.)