Baby kidnapped from National City facility to be returned from Mexico

2 people on administrative leave over incident
Posted at 6:27 PM, Nov 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-14 21:59:42-05

SAN DIEGO - A 2-month-old baby kidnapped from a National City facility and taken to Mexico last week is on his way back to the United States after he and his mother were found in Mazatlan.

10News learned the child can be picked up in Mexico by California Child Protective Services, perhaps accompanied by law enforcement, or Mexican authorities can bring the child to the U.S.-Mexico border, where he would be handed over to CPS.

Although neither parent has custody at the moment, the father of Max Ramos has gone into Mexico to try to get involved.

Private investigator Bill Garcia told 10News that Jose Garcia is "trying to insure that his child stays safe and is available when the abduction unit arrives to take custody."

He said Garcia is afraid that the boy's mother, Erika Ramos, could still be a threat to little Max.

Ramos was released by Mexican authorities, although National City police may file kidnapping charges against her.

"He still has concerns because his son is in another county; at that age, he's very vulnerable," Bill Garcia told 10News.

As transportation back to San Diego is being worked out, a spokesman for CPS told 10News there has been a vigorous investigation. A CPS representative said, in part, that "… Two people have been placed on administrative leave" as a result of the kidnapping.

The question of why Ramos was able to take off with her son has yet to be answered.

10News spoke to Rebecca Herrera, a case manager for 1-2-3 Child Visitation, a company that supervises such visitations. Her company was not involved, but Herrera said, "We never allow a parent to be unsupervised at any time."

That Ramos was able to take the boy flies in the face of court-ordered supervision.

"At no time would you be allowed to be alone at any time. It would be just we are right now; where you have your child you're holding and I am sitting here in front or behind you. Closer to the door, just in case," Herrera said.

The child may be back in San Diego by Wednesday.