Baby bunnies turning up dead in El Cajon yards

Posted at 9:36 PM, May 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-07 00:36:42-04

A disturbing mystery is unfolding in yards in the Fletcher Hills area of El Cajon. Dead baby bunnies are turning up in backyards.

“It was just laying there and I started crying,” said Ginny Wiseley, who lives on Rippey Street.

Last week, she found a dead baby bunny in her backyard, one of three she’s discovered in the past three weeks.

“There hasn't been any trauma at all on the bunny,” said Wiseley.

On the website Nextdoor, Wiseley found similar reports in other yards in Fletcher Hills.

More than a mile away, and backing up to the same canyon, more bunnies have been discovered.

Last Sunday, the homeowner’s 3- and 4 -year- old daughters opened up a backyard playhouse door and found a dead bunny.

A total of three baby rabbits have been recovered at the house in the past five days.

Again, there were no signs of trauma.

When 10News relayed those details to an expert at Project Wildlife, she said the deaths may point to poisonings. An environmental cause is also a possibility.

“It's really sad and somebody is doing this on purpose, to kill rats or whatever,” said Wiseley.

Wiseley, who has lived at her home for five years, has never seen this before and she's worried.   

“There are kids in this neighborhood. There are dogs in this neighborhood, and if they are putting it in their yard and they're coming here, that's endangering everybody's animals,” said Wiseley.

If you live in the Fletcher Hills area and find a dead or sick rabbit, call Project Wildlife.