Air Force veteran's beloved flag targeted again

Posted at 5:42 PM, Nov 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 22:07:55-05
NORMAL HEIGHTS -- A former Air Force nurse woke up on the morning after Tuesday's election to find her beloved American flag vandalized.
Gaile Kraus, who comes from a military pride, says the flag has also been a source of pride.
“I'm a veteran.  I'm proud of my flag. I like to see it fly - to show that I'm an American.  It’s a part of me,” she said.
You could always see it flying in front of her house, until a year ago.  
“I looked around and my flag was gone,” said Kraus.
The flag was missing from its holder.
“I felt violated, very violated,” she said.
Kraus bought another flag, but she was leery and didn't put it out until Tuesday afternoon.
“It was a special occasion for Election Day and Veterans Day is coming up,” said Kraus.
But just hours later -- sometime overnight on Election Night - her flag once again became a target.
What she saw made her heart sink.          
“It was lying on the ground,” said Kraus.
The holder had also nearly been ripped off a column.
“Very disrespectful," she said. "Very disrespectful."
“I felt very said, so I picked up the flag, dusted it off and took it back in my house,” said Kraus.
Kraus isn't sure why the flag was vandalized -- whether the election was the reason -- but she does have a message for the vandal.
“You're stepping on my freedom. No matter what candidate you support, you should respect the flag.  I'm proud of my flag and I think every American should be proud and it doesn't belong on the ground,” said Krauss.
Kraus plans to fly the flag for Veterans Day, and then it'll go back inside the house.