Accused squatter moves belongings out of 91-year-old widow's house

Police on stand-by to keep the peace
Posted at 3:02 PM, Jan 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-29 11:21:51-05
SAN DIEGO - Cheryl Sherrell reclaimed her belongings and Fran Breslauer reclaimed her home of nearly 60 years as San Diego Police officers stood by to keep the peace.
It was moving day, ordered by two judges involved in both a civil and a criminal case against 71-year-old Sherrell.
A handful of Sherrell’s friends and family members loaded box after box, tables, bookshelves and racks of clothing into cars and a rental truck while a San Diego City Attorney, Sherrell’s criminal lawyer, and family members of the widow who owns the house watched.
91-year old Fran Breslauer, who owns the house, was absent. She hired Sherrell in 2015 as a live-in helper to take care of her husband Alan, who died in January 2016. His death triggered a chain of events that included restraining orders, a civil lawsuit, and a criminal case following Sherrell’s arrest.
Her belongings remained in the house until now. 
Both sides said they were relieved that this part of the conflict is now behind them.