How to find out if you're giving Facebook access to calls, texts

Posted at 11:03 AM, Mar 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-28 14:03:50-04

(KGTV) - As Facebook faces an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission over its part in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the company is acknowledging that phone records for some users may have been logged — perhaps without their knowledge.

Facebook Messenger and Facebook Lite users on Android phones who uploaded contacts and chose the "opt-in" option had their calls and texts logged, according to the social media giant.

To find out if you've given access to Facebook:

  • Open the Messenger app on your Android phone,
  • Tap your profile picture,
  • Scroll down and tap "people," which will bring up a new screen,
  • Check to make sure "sync contacts" has been turned off,
  • If "sync contacts" is on, you've opted in. Switch it off to opt-out.

Facebook has said it does not collect the contents of calls.

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In response to the investigation into privacy, Facebook plans to roll out a new, centralized page for privacy and security settings, according to the New York Times.

The system will be introduced in the next few months to all users as a way to navigate the roughly 20 sections of security and privacy settings on the website. Users will be able to control what personal information Facebook keeps and download and review what information the site has on them.

According to the New York Times, Facebook began developing the page in response to Cambridge Analytica news, which reportedly harvested data from about 50 million Facebook users.