Singles today are changing the dating game, says

Singles today are changing the dating game, says
Posted at 6:45 PM, Feb 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-14 21:47:18-05

(KGTV) - Valentine's Day may traditionally encompass the same card and candy routine, but dating remains a constantly changing scene.

Dating website released findings from their 8th annual Singles in America report, in which more than 5,000 singles surveyed contributed. The report sheds light on some new aspects - and old traditions - on America's everchanging dating scene.

So what do singles need to know?

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Match's study found 69 percent of respondents are looking for something serious. How do singles get there? About 40 percent say they believe in building a friendship first, while 55 percent prefer to have a "friends with benefits" relationship.

On the topic of hanging out, about 29 percent of respondents say they've hung out with someone before becoming serious with them. Regarding "friends with benefits," 45 percent say they've turned serious afterward.


When it comes to the first date, only 44 percent of singles say they went on a first date last year.

About 54 percent say it's acceptable to ask a date out two to three days in advance while 27 percent prefer to ask out their date the day of.

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Where do singles go? About 59 percent approve of going to a nice restaurant, while 22 percent believe fast food is okay for the first date.

On the first date kiss: About half of singles say a peck on the cheek is enough to finish the night. About 64 percent, however, say kissing is alright too.


Match's survey found 94 percent of women want their date to compliment their appearance.

When singles meet, 90 percent want their date waiting when they arrive. About 82 percent of women expected a hug, while 71 percent expected a kiss on the cheek.

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If singles head out to eat or drink, 91 percent of women approve of their date paying the bill while 45 percent say it's okay to split the check.


As Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and Chief Scientific Advisor to Match, says, singles are changing the dating game.

“Singles are fundamentally redefining courtship in healthy and creative ways,” Fisher said. “Some hang out for months before they kiss; some hop into bed immediately; and many begin with the traditional first date.

Courtship is expanding--and all these tactics are proving successful for launching love."

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Fisher said singles today are putting more focus on a perfect first date than prior generations as well.

"Moreover, the first date is taking on important new significance: where it used to be just a casual look-see, now the first date often signals the official beginning of a romance," Fisher added. "For most singles, romance is more important than politics. I’m not surprised. The human brain is built to love.”