L.A. Times ranking of french fries fires up In-N-Out fans

Posted at 10:24 AM, Feb 14, 2019

(KGTV) — If you're the Los Angeles Times right now, you may have a lot of Southern Californians scratching their heads — some simply seeing red.

The newspaper Tuesday released its "Fast Food French Fry Rankings" by food writer Lucas Kwan Peterson ranking fast-food french fries on taste and texture, which includes "fry shape" and "mouthfeel."

Topping the ranking was Five Guys, which Peterson hailed as "so far ahead of everyone else it's almost unfair." McDonald's finished second, with Del Taco (yeah, Upset City) in third, comparing the taco chain to a March Madness surprise.

But the real upheaval came with the Times' last place finisher: In-N-Out.

After waxing some poetic reflection of being trapped in a lie of SoCal nostalgia, Peterson critiqued the fries as "bland, crumbly little matchsticks that aren't improved by any amount of ketchup, salt, cheese, or salad dressing you want to add to them."

Not even "animal style" could save the burger chain in this instance.

And perhaps unsurprisingly, fans did not take kindly to the assessment:

Even San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti took issue with the ranking:

That's not to say some did not disagree with the ranking: