Florida fruit stand sells avocado that are more than a foot long

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Posted at 2:50 PM, Aug 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-23 20:25:37-04

(KGTV) — San Diegans love their avocados. But imagine walking into the grocery store to find avocados more than a foot long.

Miami Fruits in Florida has what every avocado-lover dreams about at night. The fruit stand sells avocados, called long-neck avocados, online and the internet is raging.

A shipment of long-neck avocados begins at $47 for a small box, weighing between three to six pounds, up to $197 for a bulk box, weighing between 35-45 pounds.

The odd-o-cados are also known as the Persea americana “Russell” avocado, according to Miami Fruits, and grow in the Caribbean Islands, as well as areas of South Florida between the Keys and Miami.

The avocados can grow to about 13 inches in length and the seed is relatively small compared to the rest of the fruit. One long-neck avocado commonly weighs more than one pound, the fruit stand says.

But calm your cados, Californians, because you won't see this variation in stores anytime soon. Current USDA regulations prevent the shipment of avocados from Florida into California, due to fears of Mexican and Caribbean fruit flies.

But if you're in Miami and have a bevy of toast, this may be the stop for you.