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Have you 'gut' what it takes for these five San Diego food challenges?

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Posted at 3:10 PM, May 02, 2019
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SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Some appetites are a little larger than others.

Then, there are the ones that require that extra challenge few others can achieve at the dinner table.

In San Diego, five local spots offer up food challenges that test both diners' strength of stomach and for spice. Win and their names are etched in history — and they usually get a sweet t-shirt. Lose, and the bill is theirs to pay.

Seriously, it's not free.

If your hungry for a challenge, test out your gastrointestinal clout at these San Diego eateries:

Broken Yolk Challenge
Where: The Broken Yolk Cafe; Cost: $27.96
This one may leave diners broken after trying to finish. Diners have one hour to finish a dozen-egg omelet, filled with mushrooms, onions, American cheese, and smothered with chili and more cheese. Plus a generous portion of homefries and two biscuits. No substitutions and one person per challenge. The dish is free to winners, in addition to a complimentary t-shirt.

30-inch Pizza Challenge
Where: Luigi's At the Beach; Cost: $51
Two diners must finish a 30-inch cheese pizza in one hour; no bathroom breaks, leftovers, leaving. Winners get their pizza for free and two free Luigi's shirts.

Death Ramen Challenge
Where: Manten Ramen; Cost: Varies
Hold onto your tongues. Nishiki's Death Ramen Challenge, since moved to its sister stop Manten Ramen, is only offered on special occasions, so you'll have to follow along online for announcements. It pits diners against the ramen joint's homemade vegan noodles with a heaping helping of "death sauce," a heavy combination of ghost and Carolina reaper peppers, plus jalapeno peppers. Challengers must sign a waiver and have 15 minutes to finish.

The Great White Whale Challenge
Where: Shakespeare Pub & Grille; Cost: $34.95
It truly is a whale of a challenge. Without leaving their seat, diners must finish a super-sized version of Shakespeare's fish and chips, containing a two-pound filet of battered cod, two pounds of "proper chips" and a side of peas in 45 minutes. Diners who stomach the whale have their plate comped and a "I Did It" t-shirt.

Monster Sushi Challenge Roll
Where: Deli Sushi & Desserts; Cost: $32
The Monster Sushi Challenge Roll is the equivalent of eight normal sushi rolls. Diners have 15 minutes to chow down and if successful, their meal is free and their picture goes onto the Wall of Fame. Unsuccessful, and the diner's photo instead goes on the Wall of Shame. Diners must sign a waiver and it's limited to one person per challenge.