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Exploring San Diego: Non-traditional activities to enjoy in San Diego

Posted at 5:05 PM, Jul 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-31 10:25:47-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- For many San Diegans staying active is just a part of life. Many businesses offer lessons in activities like sailing and surfing.

But how about paddleboard yoga or lawn bowling? Yes, lawn bowling (it’s a thing.)

If you’re looking to take a step out of your comfort zone, San Diego has some great, not-traditional activities sure to satisfy any adventure seeker.

Circus School

Ever wanted to run off and join the circus? Well, you won’t need to go far. The San Diego Circus Center offers classes in a number of areas, including ground, aerial, dance and even clowning. The center is located at 2050 Hancock Street A.


The San Diego Surf Polo Club offers individual and private lessons for anyone wanting to learn to play Polo. Classes are offered for all levels. The club is located at 14989 Via de la Valle.

Paddleboard Yoga

Board with regular yoga? Maybe paddleboard yoga is more your style. San Diego has a lot of great places to check out for those interested. Click here for a list of business that offer paddleboard yoga classes.

Lawn Bowling

Yes, lawn bowling. It's a real thing and they even have a club. Anyone interested in learning the sport can even get a free lesson with the San Diego Lawn Bowling Club. For more information on lawn bowling, click on the video below: 

Over The Line

The Old Mission Beach Athletic Club offers a unique game called Over The Line. This is a baseball-like game where the rules are centered around lines in the sand. Click here for more information on the game or to sign up.