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Before and after photos: Examining San Diego County's changes through the 10-year challenge

Posted at 1:36 PM, Jan 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-19 16:16:03-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — The 10-year challenge has made waves across social media lately, inviting users to post photos of themselves most recently, and then one 10 years ago to show how they've aged.

The viral movement has inspired some creative responses, but what about San Diego? How has our county changed over the last decade?

Using the most recent photos taken by Google Earth, residents can see San Diego County's growth over the last decade or so. The interactive photos below are adjusted for the most recent views from Google Earth to about 10 years prior.

Check out some of the county's biggest transformations over the last decade below:

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Sweetwater Reservoir:

Sweetwater Reservoir has seen a noticeable drop in water level over the last decade. It's something most of us have come to expect, as California has battled drought conditions for numerous years now.

Waterfront Park & Maritime Museum:

The City set out to transform the City Administration Building's parking lots into a Waterfront Park a decade ago and the change is staggering. Maritime Museum has also built up their nautical offerings in addition to the Star of India over that time, changing the area into a gathering place for families and events.

4S Ranch:

The community of 4S Ranch has also seemed to spring up overnight, well the last decade. Photos of the last decade show just how quickly the land was developed with communities and businesses.

Otay Ranch:

Otay Ranch has also seen a noticeable development over the last 10 years. Homes and shopping centers were in the area a decade ago, but continue to expand to welcome more families.

Petco Park, Convention Center waterfront:

Petco Park was just the start of East Village's continuing transformation. The convention center's waterfront and neighboring Hilton Bayfront have adjusted to increased presence of residents, developing a waterfront walkway, more space for hotel guests, and a bridge joining the area to the ballpark.

Cal State San Marcos:

San Marcos as a whole has seen a massive transformation over the last 10 years, as more and more homes were added to the area. Cal State San Marcos sits in the middle of this growth, as it sparked local students to put down roots, and brought more families and businesses into the area. A drive through today shows that growth is only continuing.