5 child friendly activities for ringing in the New Year

Posted at 1:49 PM, Dec 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-29 21:50:29-05

Make ringing in the New Year fun and memorable with these inexpensive activities for children.

Host a Slumber Party

This is the perfect night to host a slumber party for the kids. Have them build a fort in the living room so at the stroke of midnight they will already be in bed!

If you don’t want your young guests to stay up until midnight, choose a country or a time zone where the stroke of midnight arrives before their curfew.

Make Confetti

Materials: Scissor, hole punch, magazines, used wrapping paper, colored paper, balloons

The children can use a hole punch or scissors to cut old magazines and used wrapping paper into tiny colorful pieces to make confetti.


After they are done, fill light colored balloons with confetti and inflate them.

The children will love popping the confetti-filled balloons at midnight!

Put Together a Time Capsule

Materials: Small  box, photos, art supplies, cell phone and thumb drive

This is an easy and fun way of documenting the year.

Decorate a small box and label it with the year - then fill the box with momentos.

Examples of items to put in your time capsule are:

-Pictures taken during the year


-Photos downloaded from the internet showing favorite actors, shows, activities

-A questionnaire asking who their best friends are, favorite color, animal, favorite TV show, goals and resolutions for the new year.

-A thumb drive with cell phone video of the family putting the time capsule together.

Creating a time capsule and reading the ones from previous years is a wonderful and meaningful way for a family to ring in the New Year.

Create New Year’s Eve Party Poppers

Materials: Toilet paper rolls, tissue paper, ribbon, candy or small toys, art supplies such as glue and glitter.

Fill a toilet paper roll with candy or small toys, wrap the roll with tissue paper, leaving 2 - 3 inches of extra paper on each end. Tie the ends with ribbon. You can preprint the year and glue it on the paper as well.

Design a New Year’s Eve Hat

Materials: Card stock, hole punch, crafting supplies such as glue, glitter, markers or crayons, string or ribbon, preprinted Happy New Year sheet that the kids can color and cut and paste on cardstock.

Here is a hat pattern from that you can download for this activity!   

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!