Taylor Swift announces new album in November, following court win

Posted at 11:23 AM, Aug 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-23 14:23:16-04

NEW YORK (AP) — Yes, Taylor Swift fans, Wednesday was a lucky one for you.

The pop star who whipped her army of Swifties into a frenzy with video snippets of slithery snake parts on social media posted the title of her new album, "reputation," and announced on Instagram it will be out Nov. 10.

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The first single, she said in a series of posts, will drop Thursday night. And she threw in the album's cover art for good measure: a black-and-white photo of herself — head and shoulders in slouchy sweatshirt — against a backdrop of newsprint reading, simply, "Taylor Swift" over and over again.

Swift, who is followed by millions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, wiped her feeds clean Friday and replaced the void Monday with the first of three reptilian videos, each offering just a tad more of a snake, from tail to squirmy middle and finally its beady red-eyes and ominous fangs lunging briefly at the camera.

The teasers put fans on high alert, and the snake imagery evoked snake emojis used against her in various social media dis-fests last year, including one with Kim Kardashian West after West claimed Swift knew about hubby Kanye's reference to Swift in his song "Famous."

The album would be her sixth studio effort since the 2014 release of her "1989," which is the last time she teased fans online, that round with mysterious Polaroid photographs.

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Swift's announcement comes on the heels of a jury's ruling that former Denver DJ David Mueller was guilty of assault and battery in an alleged 2013 groping incident.

Mueller introduced a lawsuit for $1 million, claiming the singer and her team falsely claimed he had groped Swift in a photo outside Denver’s Pepsi Center on June 2, 2013, which led to his firing by KYGO. Swift issued a counterclaim of assault and battery and sought $1 in damages. 

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Mueller's case was thrown out before the jury ruled in Swift's favor.