Florida newlyweds cement marriage, Target addiction in wedding photos

(KGTV) - Many newlyweds rely on Target for wedding gifts to furnish their home — or in one couple's case, to play backdrop to the wedding memories that will furnish their Target-bought decor.

Mike Delvalle and Isabella Sablan said Target always had a special place in their relationship and was "naturally our first inclination" as a place to display their love before saying "I do."

"We dated for almost 8 years before we finally tied the knot and we have always been that rather unconventional couple which is why this photo-shoot is befitting. If you ask any of our friends, none of them would be surprised that we chose to do this at Target — that's how obsessed we are," Delvalle and Sablan said in a joint statement.

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The couple is photographed perusing down aisles, picking up pizzas and home decor, sharing a slushie, and enjoying a day at their favorite retail store.

Evan Rich, of Evan Rich Photography, said while the entire shoot shied away from typical wedding photos, he believes they were just as powerful.

"It is very trendy at the moment to take couples on grand outdoor adventures to photograph them in epic aspirational settings such as mountain tops with sweeping vistas," Rich said in an email. "But the truth is that there is a lot of love in our everyday life in much more mundane settings, yet settings that have much more of a personal connection to us because they are true to life."

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If Delvalle and Sablan had it their way, their wedding photos wouldn't be the extent of their marital celebration...

"It’s too bad we can’t throw our reception in Target because then that would truly be the frosting on the Market Pantry cake," the couple said.

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