Adam West, TV's 'Batman,' dies following battle with leukemia

Adam West, TV's 'Batman,' dies following battle with leukemia
Posted at 8:44 AM, Jun 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-10 12:28:08-04

(KGTV) - Adam West, the actor who dawned the iconic cowl on the classic 1960s series "Batman," has died. He was 88 years old.

West died peacefully Friday at his Los Angeles home surrounded by his family, a spokesperson confirmed on the actor's Facebook page. 

"It's with great sadness that we are sharing this news...Adam West passed away peacefully last night after a short but brave battle with leukemia," a family spokesperson wrote. "He was a beloved father, husband, grandfather, and great-grandfather. There are no words to describe how much we'll miss him.

"We know you'll miss him too and we want you to know how much your love and support meant to him throughout the years. Hug your loved ones today."

West also starred in "The Young Philadelphians" (1958), "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" (1964), and "The Relentless Four" (1965). The actor's voice talents are also remembered well, with voice roles in animated television series' Family Guy, The Fairly OddParents, The Batman, and appearances in numerous other shows.

But, of course, fans recognize West best for his turn at Gotham City's Caped Crusader. His role on the 1966-1968 television hit is a stark contrast from the current portrayals of the character but is still regarded by many as the most recognizable performance of Batman.

West was born William West Anderson on Sept. 19, 1928, in Seattle, Wash., later adopting his stage name as his acting career began.

West is survived by his wife, Marcelle, six children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.