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You Can Buy Skittles Freezer Pops At Walmart This Summer

You Can Buy Skittles Freezer Pops At Walmart This Summer
Posted at 4:03 AM, Jun 06, 2020

The coronavirus may have taken away our ability to be completely carefree this summer — but it will never take away our ability to enjoy popsicles.

If you’re in the mood for a sweet and frozen treat this season, Walmart has a new one that might be worth a shot. There are now Skittles freezer pops that come in a rainbow of flavors just like those beloved candies. They are also every bit as colorful.


The new freezer treats look just like the classic pops in plastic sleeves you probably ate a million times during childhood, but they come in all the Skittles flavors you’d expect. Whether you prefer lemon, green apple, orange, strawberry or grape (my personal favorite) when you open a pack of Skittles, you’ll find a freezer pop waiting to be devoured.

Walmart is selling them in boxes of 70 for less than $7 right now. They come in a massive box that looks like the world’s most impressive pack of Skittles. Just seeing that box makes my teeth hurt a little.

Unfortunately, Walmart’s website was out of stock as of this writing, but you might have luck checking at your local store. Just be sure not to look in the freezer section, because these are sold at room temperature and are meant to be frozen once you take them home.

Skittles freezer pops can also apparently be found at Dollar General, according to some eagle-eyed reporters on Instagram. The account @CandyHunting found them at a Dollar General store in March, but it looks like they came in much smaller packs of 10.

There’s something to be said for dipping your toes into the pool before diving in, but I’d argue that buying a treat like this requires a total lack of restraint. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be driving off to buy a box of 70 popsicles now.

Just don’t tell my dentist.

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