SDSU goes to virtual instruction Monday, citing storm safety concerns

Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill Monday requiring California State University undergraduates to take an ethnic studies course to graduate.
Posted at 9:43 AM, Aug 19, 2023
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SAN DIEGO (CNS) - San Diego State University will move classes and most faculty and staff to virtual instruction or remote work at both its San Diego and Imperial Valley campuses Monday due to weather conditions.

"While reports indicate that the storm system will downgrade to a tropical storm by the time it reaches our region, we must continue to plan for possible flooding and related hazards throughout our region," William Tong, SDSU's interim provost and senior vice president, said in a statement Friday.

The university plans to return to normal in-person instruction and on- campus work on Tuesday.

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University officials urged students to contact faculty members directly if they have classes scheduled on Monday, and plan to join classes remotely that day. Libraries at both campuses will change hours. All food service was planning to be open.

Faculty were asked to prepare for virtual instruction and to extend consideration to students who may not be able to attend classes due to weather- related reasons.

Access to most campus buildings at SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley will be restricted on Monday to those with keys or electronic card access.

In the event of flooding, SDSU encourages drivers not to park along Alvarado Road east of College Avenue. At SDSU Imperial Valley, and in the event of flooding, stay away from the Highway 98 and Highway 111 intersection and other roadways that may partially flood. Never attempt to drive through flood waters.

"Take appropriate precautions, update your information with SDSU as soon as possible, download the SDSU Safe app and also visit for more information," a university-wide email read.

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