San Diego's Weather Forecast for Tuesday, December 7, 2021: Wet, cool and cloudy

Posted at 7:44 AM, Dec 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-07 11:05:26-05

Tuesday starts soggy and ends dry. A system to our north traveling south will soak most of the county with light showers for the first half of the day before tapering off by sunset into the evening.

Coastal and inland areas remain cloudy, and thanks to an overnight marine layer, most cities are waking up warmer than yesterday.

By the afternoon, there won't be much of a heat up. Inland valleys will feel a big drop in afternoon temperatures, about 10 degrees cooler.

Once this system passes, we'll see partly sunny skies especially in the northern part of our county before sunset.

Today's rain totals won't break any records but any accumulation will be beneficial. Amounts by this evening are estimated anywhere from .05-.10".

Wednesday is dry until another system bringing impressive amounts arrives Thursday. This system will keep things soaked most of the day with accumulations up to .50", heavier near the slopes.

Both low pressure systems are short-lived and by the latter part of the week into the weekend, we're looking at the return of dry and sunny conditions.

Conditions remain in a pattern of cool and below average temperatures through the week into the weekend.

Tuesday's Highs:
Coast: 59-61°
Inland: 54-61°
Mountains: 48-56°
Deserts: 66-68°

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