San Diego's Forecast for June 10, 2022: Hot through the weekend

Posted at 5:10 AM, Jun 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-10 20:11:12-04

Friday brought the heat! Campo broke a daily record, hitting 100º Friday.

The Excessive Heat Warning for San Diego deserts continues until 8 p.m. Sunday. Daytime highs will peak in the 110-118º range during that time frame.

Inland valleys and mountains will stay well above average through the weekend as well, with highs getting up to the upper 80s and lower 90s in those regions. The coast will be the spot to escape the heat, with temperatures only a few degrees warmer than average, getting up into the lower 70s through the weekend.

A bit of a monsoon pattern is setting itself up. It doesn't look like rain is likely in San Diego County, but large clouds could build over the mountains.

A cooling trend kicks in Monday and Tuesday, dropping temperatures back down closer to normal for most regions, but then highs kick right back up starting about Wednesday, peaking Friday.

Moral of the story: heat is here to stay.

Saturday's Highs:
Coast: 71-78°
Inland: 81-94°
Mountains: 88-100°
Deserts: 113-118°

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