Megan's Forecast: Elevated Fire Danger this morning and Sunday

Much cooler and less dry Saturday

Fire danger remains elevated today as it will be dry and gusty inland, especially this morning. Winds ease this afternoon, but humidity will remain low, below 10% away from the coast.

A Red Flag Warning continues until 10am for the valleys and mountains due to easterly winds sustained at 15 to 35 mph, and gusts of 30 to 50 mph, with isolated gusts as high as 65 mph.

Conditions improve briefly on Saturday with a storm to our north spreading cooler air and the return of the ocean sea breeze. Temperatures plummet 10 to 15 degrees tomorrow from the 70s and 80s today to the 60s tomorrow! Expect more clouds tomorrow and a slim chance for patchy drizzle.

Santa Ana winds return Sunday elevating our fire danger yet again. A Red Flag Watch is in effect Sunday from 1am to 8pm for northeast and easterly winds of 20 to 30 mph with gusts of 35 to 55 mph, potentially as high as 65 mph.

Things remain dry and sunny most of next week, though not as warm as this past week, with highs near to 5 degrees above average. No promising rain in the near future so please be vigilant and avoid sparks that could start a fire. 

We are already starting the rainy season with a 2 inch rain deficit. La Niña has strengthen over the last two months and the outlook is drier than normal with warmer than average temperatures through at least the month of March. 

Fire Weather Reminder: Be ready to leave quickly if you need to evacuate. Make sure you have enough gas, charge your phone, grab any medications you need and prepare for your pets as well. Most importantly have an evacuation plan and keep documents ready to go at all times. Santa Ana wind season goes through March, so please be prepared.

Friday's Highs:

Coast: 73°-78°

Inland: 76°-83°

Mountains: 57°-71º

Deserts: 76°-80°

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