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This Clever Tumbler Doubles As A Koozie

Posted at 9:15 AM, Oct 07, 2019

Whether you’re heading to the beach, going camping or just like to keep your drinks cold when sitting around a bonfire, a quality tumbleris a must.

While most require you to pour your drink into them, like the popular Yeti and Ozark Trail brands, one company has a new product that doubles as a standard drinking cup, but which also holds aluminum cans, skinny cans and glass bottles if you’d prefer to keep your drink in its original container. This means you can have different drinks without ever having to rinse out your tumbler!

The Reduce Cooler has a patented 4-in-1 flexible lid designed to fit a variety of drinks. The body of the tumbler, meanwhile, is vacuum-sealed, so it will keep drinks cold for up to four hours.

Reduce Drinkware

If you decide you do want to use the tumbler as a cup instead of keeping your drink in its original container, just remove the rounded edge on the top and you’ll have an insulated cup that will still keep your beverage cool.

The Reduce Cooler holds 14 ounces of liquid, comes in white, green and blue and is just $14.99. You can find it on Reduce Drinkware’s website.

Reduce Drinkware

They’re perfect for tailgating, as you can see in the company’s Instagram

Not the right tumbler for you? Tervis has a line of tumblers you can customize to match your style.

And if you’re just using your tumbler for alcoholic beverages, check out this one from FlasKap, which has a lid that discreetly stores and dispenses your favorite inhibition into the mixer you’ve already poured into the main part of the cup.


If you’re not concerned with being discreet, there are also champagne flute coolers to keep your bubbly chill or insulated wine tumblers. Or go all out with this wine canteen that maintains the temperature of an entire 25-ounce bottle for more than 24 hours. Reduce Drinkware also has a wine cooler set that keeps your bottle and your glasses cold!

Reduce Drinkware

What’s your favorite drink to sip out of a tumbler?

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