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'Swiftonomics': How the NFL, Kansas City have cashed in on Kelce-Swift

The Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce "Love Story" has generated tons of publicity and earnings for the NFL, but how much exactly?
'Swiftonomics:' How the NFL, Kansas City have cashed in on Kelce-Swift
Posted at 6:40 PM, Jan 30, 2024

While it's unclear whether Taylor Swift will attend the Super Bowl due to her concert in Japan the night before, one thing is for sure: Her presence all season has had a major financial impact for the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL, and that won't stop ahead of the Super Bowl.

Tickets for the big game in February are now averaging around $12,000 — around 36% higher than last year's Super Bowl — and small businesses in Kansas City have also been cashing in on the excitement.

Swift's been making money for both the league and Kelce's city ever since she attended her first Chiefs game back in September — but the question is, how much?

Apex Marketing Group says the Swift-Kelce narrative rings in at a whopping $330 million in so-called brand value for digital content and online news. And Front Office Sports says Swift has brought NFL female viewership up 9% from season-to-season.

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These financial benefits have also extended to small businesses in Kansas City.

One in particular, the EB and Co. jewelry store, has sold out of its No. 87 jersey ring after it was spotted on Swift's finger.

"I think, hands down, this is the biggest thing that's ever happened to my company and my business for sure," the store's owner, Emily Bordner, said. "It felt like I was in Vegas because every time there was a cha-ching, it was like cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching. And it was just kind of wild."

Plus, clothing brand Cherry Co. now has multiple locations thanks to the Chiefs' wins.

"We're really inspired by just how sports connects community and how it really ignites the spirit of our entire city and community," company founder Thalia Cherry said.

Cherry's designs have caught the attention of major sports names like Patrick Mahomes. She's hoping to see Taylor Swift wearing one of her designs at the Super Bowl.

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