POLL: Do you want an XFL team in San Diego?

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) owner Vince McMahon's announcement of the XFL's return took many by surprise, but it also raised the possibility of pro football returning to San Diego.

The original XFL, supported by NBC, launched in 2001 but lasted all of one season before folding. Looking back, the league is remembered more for gimmicks and players with personalized jerseys (who remembers "He Hate Me"?) than quality football on the field.

This time around, McMahon said this latest iteration of the XFL will return in 2020 with eight league-owned teams. There will be 40 players per team and a season will last 10 weeks.

McMahon acknowledged that this rebooted version would be "toned down" and he would listen to fan feedback on the league's development.

While McMahon did not say which eight markets will have a team, many across social media have started speculation as to what cities will land an XFL squad -- and most of the conversation centers on markets that have lost an NFL team in recent years.

10News wants to know if you would like San Diego to be one of the 8 cities in the XFL. Vote in our viewer poll below!

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