Fans cheer for Padres more than 6,000 miles away in Seoul, South Korea

Posted at 8:04 PM, Mar 15, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-15 23:04:55-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Next week, the Padres will take on the Dodgers in Seoul, South Korea. But the Friars won’t be alone; some Padres fans will be leaving San Diego to cheer them on.

Two of those fans are Agnes Tumbaga and her partner, JC.

Both have been Padres fans, having grown up in San Diego for decades.

Tumbaga and JC have been to countless games at Petco Park and other stadiums.

For them, following the Padres is more than just following a team; it’s the glue that brings everyone together.

“People ask me why I like baseball. And I'm like, it just brings people together no matter what at the end of the day," Tumbaga said.

They will be cheering on the Padres, more than 6,000 miles away in Seoul, South Korea, as they take on the Dodgers next week.

"It's an awesome feeling. Really cool to see how much the fan base has grown and being able to see the jerseys everywhere you go now as opposed to 20 years ago,” JC said.

Aside from representing the Brown and Gold, it’s also about learning about a different culture and getting a glimpse at the home country of one of their favorite players, Ha-Seong Kim.

"It's going to be really cool to experience this, especially in another country. Baseball has been growing massively so actually the past decade, so to experience that somewhere that you're not used to, it's really cool," JC said.