Check out this cool way to entertain outdoors

Posted at 2:22 PM, Feb 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-31 12:02:50-04

Picture a room where designers blend the best of backyard living with the convenience and comfort of the indoors. A place where the sun beats down on summer’s hottest days, yet family and friends can kick back and stay cool.

A LifeRoom offers this, with the flexibility to transform a space suitable for a romantic dinner for two all the way up to a multi-family movie night. A LifeRoom, from RKC Construction, is an engineered and patented outdoor space with customized comfort controls which can be used for many purposes by homeowners.

LifeRoom’s features can take a backyard or patio space and make it a natural extension of the home.



Protection from UV rays, bugs, dust while creating your own theater

LifeRoom’s retractable motorized screens can be moved independently via a remote control to keep an open space or to enclose the room entirely. The screens offer many benefits, including:

  • The ability to keep up to 95 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays out. This reduces the risk of nasty sunburns and potential long-term damage to skin.

  • In addition to shading guests from the sun, the screens effectively keep bugs and other pests away while guests enjoy an evening outside.

  • Have allergies? LifeRoom screens help filter out dust and other allergens.

  • Lastly, the screens can be used to project movies and other multimedia presentations on one of the room walls, bringing a larger than life screen to the party. Who needs to go to the theater when you can have the full experience right in your own home?

Enjoy the outdoors, keeping cool even on the hottest summer days

One of the biggest complaints about spending time outside is the summer weather. When it gets too hot, the crowd wants to retreat inside. With LifeRoom’s Soft Breeze Technology, a gentle breeze efficiently circulates around the living space to help keep temperatures reasonable. If a soft breeze doesn’t cut through the heat, then the Cool Mist Climate System can bring temperatures down: up to 40 degrees lower, in fact! The system disperses a cool mist in fine droplets to cool the air via “flash evaporation.” Sitting in a 70-degree room vs. a 90-degree room certainly makes a hot summer night more enjoyable.

Enjoy natural light in the day and mood lighting in the night

Want to keep a little natural light in the LifeRoom at all times? RKC Construction can install Glazed Glass Skylights to let the blue skies shine down all day. The glazed glass lets the light in while keeping the harsh glare out. Then, in the evening, relax outside with mood lighting provided by eco-friendly (and budget-friendly) LEDs! The soft glow of the LEDs turns a backyard into a VIP-style room.

Want to learn more about LifeRoom and how it can boost your home’s enjoyment and financial value? Contact RKC Construction to get details on how to create a customized space for your home and family.