The Rebound: 'Embrace the Suck'

What can we learn from this crisis?
Posted at 12:33 PM, May 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-19 15:54:20-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - In a recent survey of 2000 remote workers, more than half claim they're getting more work done now than when they were in the office.

As we rebound from this crisis, we wanted to know what we're learning from our remote jobs that we can use when we return to the office. So, we took our questions to someone who knows about managing a crisis, a former Navy SEAL.

"We are now in radical change," says Brent Gleeson.

Gleeson is a former Navy SEAL turned corporate leadership consultant for his company Taking Point Leadership.

"What I'm doing is laying the foundation for how the most elite teams in the world train to fight and fight to win," says Gleeson in a recent promotional video.

He's also a contributing columnist for both Inc. and Forbes because his elite SEAL training as it relates to the business world is highly valued.

"In combat, you're always on Plan-B, Plan-C, or Plan-D five minutes into the 'op.' There's no such thing as Plan-A, you're way beyond that as soon as your boots hit the ground," adds Gleeson.

Part of that elite SEAL training is planning is preparing for the new normal. As businesses reopen, Gleeson says this is the perfect opportunity to continue to use what's worked for your business.

"It's creating an opportunity for innovation, creativity, and in a large way, I think that it's going to change the way we manage employees, the way we serve our customers, and the way we interact through technology like this permanently," says Gleeson.

Gleeson's own business has had to adapt. 85 to 90 percent of his work was in-person organizational development. But stay at home orders forced Brent, and his family to adapt.

"We've taken all of our existing clients to virtual meetings," adds Gleeson. "What we've discovered is a radical amount of increased efficiency through technology. We actually communicate more as a team that we did when we were in the office."

Gleeson also used the time to wrap up his second book based on the SEAL and military motto of 'Embrace the Suck.'

In other words, when faced with a crisis, accept it, and deal with it.

"The book is a Navy SEAL's perspective on resilience," says Gleeson. "And how to build resilience through expansion of your comfort zone so that you can live your own definition of an extraordinary life."