Avoiding COVID burnout: The signs, symptoms, and remedies

Posted at 4:56 PM, Aug 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-12 21:53:17-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - For nearly five months we've completely changed the way we live due to the pandemic.

We still don't have many answers and we're aways from things getting back to normal. Psychologists are noticing the impact is huge on their patients and this far into the pandemic, they're seeing burnout.

"The keyword here is feeling overwhelmed. If you feel overwhelmed there's a strong association to burnout," Licensed Psychologist Dr. Michelle Carcel said.

Carcel said if you feel overwhelmed, stop, sit down and figure out what is triggering these strong feelings, "map out what is triggering you the most, so if you're having work stressors, for example, identify the current stressors you're having and problem-solving."

She said working on ways to solve those problems will dissipate those feelings.

For parents who are juggling multiple roles as school approaches, she said plan it out as well.

"Figuring out, okay. what is it I have to do in order to mitigate my roles here and partner with friends family or your spouse in order to make that effective," Carcel said.

Carcel said it's important to recognize any anger or irritation that comes up is based on the pain we are feeling, and knowing it's okay to feel this way.

"Process your grief for the state of the world, process your grief for the current situation, it will help move you forward," she said. "We have never seen anything like this where an entire world has been impacted and we are seeing detrimental effects."

Ways to heal include finding joy. She suggests creating a list of things that make you happy so you can go to them at a moment's notice.

Carcel added that creating a happy playlist, dancing, picking up a hobby, or checking off items on your bucket list.

"Right now is a wonderful time if you've ever wanted to play an instrument this is the time to learn, if you've wanted to learn a foreign language this is the time to learn," Carcel said, noting the most important thing is to remember this is not forever.

She said you can do it and you have a support system, people who love and support you. Just because you have to be distant physically, doesn't mean you have to be isolated.

"We can take anything that's negative and produce a positive outcome as long as we have a good strategy to do it," she said.