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'Sweetheart Nurses' introduce baby girl born during pandemic

Posted at 9:05 AM, Dec 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-30 12:05:02-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – In 2020, night-shift nurses Andrea and Jared Davis were facing the coronavirus pandemic head-on at Sharp Grossmont Hospital.

Despite restrictions brought on by the pandemic, the couple has some pretty adorable evidence of just how productive a lockdown can be.

"Having your spouse be in the same profession as you are, they get it. They get the day-to-day," Andrea told ABC 10News in December 2020

Andrea and Jared were dubbed the “Sweetheart Nurses,” having met in high school ,and years later, sharing the night shift at Sharp Grossmont.

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They also shared the challenges of working with COVID patients, as the pandemic raged at that time, and the first vaccine to be given outside a clinical trial was still a couple of weeks away.

“I said to Jared, ‘I'm so glad I worked the night shift,’ because it really prepared me for motherhood, and the newborn stage, and waking up every hour,” Andrea said.

The Sweetheart Nurses are now a plus-one, with the addition of daughter Jordan.

“She was a creation of, you know,” Andrea said of the now 10-month-old girl.

Jared interjects, “COVID?”

They both laugh.

“First lockdown,” Andrea continued. “I don't know if you want us to say that.”

In fact, there was speculation among those who track such things, that the COVID lockdowns of 2020 would lead to the baby boom of 2021.

As it turned out, birthrates actually dropped by 4.3%, according to a study by the Associated Press. But leave it to the Sweetheart Nurses of Sharp Grossmont Hospital to do their part.

Perhaps she knew she was the first child of the Sweetheart Nurses, because she had the cupid's arrow timing to be born on Valentine's Day. Since then, as parents can relate, she's been number one.

“Yes, I know. You're not the baby anymore. Sorry,” said Jared to one of a pair of the family’s English Labs.

Jared said the dogs, Hudson and Nico, have taken a liking to Jordan.

“Hudson, though, he's really found an attachment with her. He's typically always by her, licking her face. But she doesn't really too much appreciate it,” said Jared.

Andrea and Jared are both still nurses, but no more overnight shifts. At least not on the job.

“Yeah!” Jared said, “She still wakes up in the middle of the night. We kind of trade off as to who gets her, to try and give each other a break.”

Just as they had as nurses sharing the overnight shift, Andrea and Jared are there for each other. And yes, they are still helping COVID patients.

“It is still real,” said Andrea. “It's still in our hospital. Thankfully, the numbers aren't as large as they were last year, but it is still there.”

The couple say they have so much to be thankful for, as their love grows, plus one.

“I love her so much,” said Andrea. “And I can't wait to see her grow up, and maybe more.”

The couple say they’re already thinking about their next child.