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Pandemic can't stop local couple from celebrating 66 years of marriage

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Posted at 7:16 PM, Feb 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-11 22:16:05-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- Stats show only 7% of marriages last over 50 years. So to surpass 60 years would really be conquering the odds. Well, that was no problem for Bankers Hill husband and wife David and Marjorie Boice, as they recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. And it all started back in 1953, when the two were set up on a blind date.

"Well I had just been on one and it didn't go well," says Marjoire, who was coaxed to go on the blind date by friends. David says he wasn't too enthused to go on the date either.

"I wasn't too interested in the date, but they talked us into it."

But despite both not being really interested in going on that first date, they found there was quite a connection.

"I thought she looked like a really nice person,"says David, who also noted that Marjorie had a lot of class. While Marjorie was instantly impressed with David's looks, saying he was stunning in his Navy uniform.

"I'm telling you, he knocked me out."

And with David in the Navy, the relationship was of the long distance variety.

"Our courtship was mostly by mail, but I would come home for sometimes up to 30 days."

They married in 1955, and this week celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary.

"We've really never thought about the years, we've just always celebrated and enjoyed all our adventures"

Even during this time of COVID-19, when a little too much togetherness can be an issue, it's been no problem for this couple. As past experiences have readied them for the current situation.

"We took our sailboat from Seattle to Alaska. We were four months in that little sailboat, side by side , and you couldn't get away from each other."

This week, to their delight, their senior residence, St. Paul's Manor, threw the couple a celebratory dinner, which included a dance to their favorite song.

"We love Proud Mary. Marjorie and I used to like to go and dance in those hard rock taverns, and Proud Mary was always our favorite song."

So with 66 years of marriage, I guess the obvious question is, what is your secret?

"Definitely communication is important. When you have a bad feeling about your spouse, talk about it."