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Organization uses murals to beautify and boost businesses in Chula Vista

Posted at 5:02 PM, Dec 06, 2023

CHULA VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) — The organization Envision Broadway, is working to beautify and boost businesses along the busy streets of Chula Vista Broadway through murals.

"Just driving through Broadway, you'll see that in some areas, it's blighted," said JoAnn Fields.

Fields is the Chula Vista Revitalization Committee Chair for Envision Broadway.

The organization hopes to have 18 murals painted on the businesses. One of the art pieces completed is a mural with colorful flowers on the side of the El Patio Mexican Restaurant.

Anita Flores, a regular at the restaurant, said it makes the business more welcoming.

"Before, they had a plain wall, but they painted it up and made it more enticing to come and try the food," Flores said.

Along with beautifying the area, the organization said the murals also help showcase local artists' work and serve as a way to involve the entire community.

"Not just the artists," Fields said. "It's the business. It's the customers. It becomes a talking piece."

Fields said they expect more people to visit the area with the Chula Vista Bayfront redevelopment.

The organization plans to give walking tours of the art pieces.

"We're going to have tourists coming in, and they're going to want to learn the arts, the culture, the cuisine, so with the murals, it makes it more inviting," Fields said.

Envision Broadway is looking for businesses to participate and sponsor murals.

Click here to learn more about Envision Broadway.